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Sign up for Bonecoming!

Be sure to include if you're bringing any guests, and if you're arriving/leaving early or late.

Not sure of your travel plans? Put your name down and let us convince you.

Yes, Ma'm!

  • Liz & Rico
  • Maggie Cello
  • Pat. "Boo, separate logins beds."
  • Chad & Rose
  • Liz. "Hmm... should probably think about getting a hotel a male escort."
  • Adara. "Here on Friday and Saturday morning!"
  • Lauren (the old wild one)
  • Scersk "Has a Will bring physical bone."
  • Shoe "Warming Stocking up for Grand Bonecoming."
  • Rich H. "Sure, why the eff not."
  • Tom Tone, D.D.S, U.N. delegate
  • Carbs. "Same reason as Rich, plus mid-October snow."

Enjoying the fence

  • BJ. "The fence is very, very comfortable, if you know what I mean..."


  • Norm. "Shooting for Grand Bonecoming 2010 with Bonespawn."
  • Jamie "Instead will be spending time in CO with physical bones :("
  • Oh Chipsy boy, the Pines, the Pines are calling

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