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Wine tour info

Proposed groups:

Heat 1: Leaving from Bonewood Suites. Aiming for 9:30-10:00* Dutch Fluency Optional Tour: Norm (Driver), Torch, Dersk, Abbie, Barb, Manos, [space]

*(Or when Norm has picked up C from the airport.)  

Heat 1A: (Feel free to join us, meet Kathryn, or set your own departure time) CARRRbs Tour: Carbs (Driver), Scersk, Liz, Chad, Dennis

Heat 2: Leaving from Bone South(?). Aiming for 12:30-1:00 Post Prelim Tour: Kathryn (Driver), Jared, Beth, Beaker?

Proposed route:

Here’s what I’d like to propose as a route for Heat 1, though we can always rearrange tomorrow or Friday:

1. Dr. Konstantin Frank (Keuka)
2. Keuka 2
3. Lunch?
4. Pompous Ass Winery (West Seneca)
5. West Seneca 2?
6. Diamani (East Seneca)
7. Wagner (East Seneca)
8. Goose Watch (West Cayuga)
9. Cayuga 2?
10. Bellwether Cidery (West Cayuga)

Carbs can join us on this route or forge his own destiny!

Damiani Wine Cellars looks interesting, but I’ve left it off because it’s a good 20 minutes south of Ithaca.  I was mistaken. It's on East Seneca, so I've added it before Wagner.

The question marks will depend on how we feel and how time’s going. All is flexible and negotiable Friday.

I’d like to get to the Pines at 5:30 to catch up with the 426 Eddy bones.

For anyone with an iphone or blackberry, the Finger Lakes Wine Council has a free app that lists 80 wineries, dining etc., with maps and descriptions. Thanks to AT&T, I have no idea how well it’ll work in the area, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

It's located here.


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