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Only days away now.  Final details coming together.


The Place

Assateague Island National Seashore, near Ocean City, MD.

Official Website

Driving Directions

Google Maps w/ destination (further down the road, but this is as close as the directions will get.

Google Maps pointing at our sites

Guest List

(add only yourself and any +'s so I know you've been here)


Erica and Steve (Steve's driving up Sat morning)



Rich H.


Equipment List

Beaker has:

1 Screen Tent (common area)

1 Boogie Board

1 Beach Umbrella

1 Small Propane Stove

1 Electric Lantern (working) and 1 Propane Lantern (questionable status)

1 Tent (4 person)

1 Air Mattress

X SPF-30 cans spray-on sunscreen where X is 1 now but should be more by arrival

37 Camping Chairs (CU-branded, '94 reunion giveaway) of which I will bring a handful.

Plastic cutlery, bamboo skewers, a handful of plastic cups, bendy straws and lots of disposable plates of varying sizes.

Liz has:

Nothing. But happy to pick stuff up, especially things that will not later take up too much space in tiny one bedroom apartment.

Chad has:

2 Boogie Boards, one better for shorter folks (5'6" or less, I bought it when I was a kid)

2 "Beachy" chairs (by beachy I meant beach worthy, not a pun...but the ass kicking was coming anyway)

3 Cast Iron pans

1 Cast Iron skillet

1 Big clam steamer pot (in case you want to seafood feast at the campsite)

1 Plastic cooler

1 Styrofoam cooler

4 Badmitton Rackets & birdies

1 Stunt Kite

1 Frisbee

1 Football

Plastic Cutlery, cups

Rich H has:

1 six-person REI "Hobitat" tent that I won last year. Knowing our tent prowess, it's probably more like a four-person tent.

1 beach chair

Um. I'll check what else when I get home

Eva Has:

1 apex 1 person tent

3 beach chairs

1 beach mini table - may be rusted into open position

1 or 2 coolers

I can pack up pots and pans Some dishes too

Bug Spray!!!

What we could potentially still need: (add whatever you might think of.)

Tablecloth(s) for the picnic table

Citronella candles / tiki sticks / whatever

Device to make coffee

Travel Plans

Beaker, leaving Thursday 8/20 morning from Montclair, NJ (arriving late afternoon), room for 1-3 passengers based on cargo (Prius), amenable to Chad's place as a Wednesday night leg, leaving Sunday 8/23. Maybe we can try the Cape May ferry to save some time.

Liz, leaving Thursday 8/20 morning from Washington DC. Hooking, um, meeting up with Chad to carpool to Assateague.

Chad, leaving Thursday 8/20 to hook up with Liz. I am about a 2 hour 45 minute ride from Ocean City. If anyone wants to stay at my place and head out from here on Thursday let me know. I am taking off the entire week from work to decompress.

Rich H, working my way down the coast all week. Cape Cod Monday - Tuesday. After that, I dunno, but I'll figure it out. I'll coordinate with fellow CT resident Eva. Does Amtrak go to the campsite? How about BoltBus?

Eva - perhaps we can drive to Beakers wednesday night after I collect my thoughts and think about what is needed - or Rich we can take Amtrak to baltimore or DC but i think thats as close as it gets us.


Ocean City boardwalk

Seafood Feast (maybe not Hooper's per warning from Scersk)


Not losing keys in ocean

Chasing ponies from tent

Bicycling? I may bring mine (Liz) I have a folding bike I'll probably bring if driving, and possibly another on a bike rack (Rich H)

Kicking Chad's ass for making that "beachy" pun up there.

Canoeing - if we sign up in advance

Forgetting where the cell phones are...

Avoiding Hurricane Bill (swim parallel to the shore to get out of the riptide, kids)

Drinking, Drinking, Drinking. Oh, and some Drinking.

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